Open house commissariat

The Commissariat Store

  • Morten Bay Penal Settlement Was Established

  • Brisbane Town Began On Northbank

  • William Dumaresque's Plans Were Sent To Morten Bay

    William Dumaresque's Plans For A permanent Commissariat store were sent to Morten Bay
  • Construction Of Commissariat Store Began

  • Commissariat Store Completed

  • Morten Bay Penal Settlement Closed

  • Renamed Colonial Store

  • First Floor Used To Accomadate Imagrents

  • Renamed Goverment Stores

  • Work Completed On The Third Floor

  • Inaugural Meeting Of State Stores Held Here

  • Renamed State Stores Building And Used By Them Until 1951

  • They Vacated

  • Became Vacant By Other occupants In 1967

  • QLD State Arcives Ocupied Ground Floor Until 1968

  • The State Goverment Dicided

    The State Goverment Dicided That The Royal Historical Siciety Of QLD Should Occupy The Building
  • Extensive Renivations Occoured From 1978 To 1981

  • Building Became

    Building Became The Head Quarters OfThe Royal Historical Siciety Of QLD
  • Stonemasons Vacated

  • Restoration Work Completed

  • Commissariat Store Closed Due To Pertial Callaps