The Civil Rights Movement


    The NAACP legal defense team won a series of court cases that challenged the consitiutionality of seprate but equal schools. IN 1938 the Supreme Court ruled that every state had to offer equal educational oppertunites for African Americans.
  • Committe on Civil Rights

    Truman created the Committe on Civil Rights. THis committe also supported desegragation for armed forces.
  • Military #1

    Truman ended segragation in mlirary. The same year he also anneddiscrimination with hiring employees.
  • Sweatt V.S. Painter

    In 1946, an African American named Heman Sweatt applied to the law school at the University of Texas which did not accept black students, which led to the court case of Sweatt V.S. painter. A Supreme Court case that ruled in Sweatt V.S. Painter, the new school did not provide African Americans with access to equal academinc prestige, facilities, or intructors. The Court ordered the university to admit Sweatt to it's law school.
  • Brown V.S. Board of Education

    The Supreme Court ruled in the Brown case that seregation in public schools was illegal.
  • Rosa Parks/ Montgomery Boycotts

    Rosa Parks, an African American seamstress, refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus and was quickly arrested. Montgumery Bus Boycotts: An African American Boycott of the city buses in MOntgumery, Alabama, which led to the changing of discriminating bus rules.
  • Supreme Court

    In November 1956 the Supreme Court ruled that Montgomery's segragated bys system was illegal.
  • Little Rock Nine

    NIne outstanding African American students known as the "Litle Rock NIne" to attend Central High School in 1957.
  • President Eisenhower

    In late September Eisenhower sent federal troops to enforce desegragation to central high.
  • Ernest Green

    Ernest became the first African American student to graduate from Central High School.
  • University of Mississippi

    The Supremem Court ordered the University of Mississippi to accept James Meredith as its first Afican American student.