The Book Thief- Evie Upton

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    The Book Thief Timeline

  • PART 1

  • Liesel's brother dies

    Liesel, her mom, and her little brother are on the way to see Liesel's new foster parents.
  • Book Thiefs first move

    When they buried Werner, Liesel finds a book on the ground, The Grave Digger's Handbook
  • Hans and Liesel's new friendship

    Hans teaches Liesel how to roll cigarettes, after Rosa yells at her for not taking a bath...
  • Liesel's first bath

    After being at the Hubbermans house for 2 weeks, Liesel takes a bath.
  • Liesel's birthday

    For her birthday, she is given a used doll that was missing a leg and had yellow hair
  • Liesel meets Rudy

    Liesel meets Rudy and then starts school
  • Liesel learns to read

    After months of nightmares, Hans and Liesel start to read The Grave Diggers Handbook together.
  • Papa finds the book..

    On this day, Liesel's nightmares have been going on for months. Tonight, Liesel wets the bed. Papa comes and cleans the bed, but the book is kept in the bed, and he discovers the book.
  • Liesel gets into a fight

    After the humiliating attempt to read, Ludwig Schmeikl and Tommy Müller bully Liesel. Liesel does not like being bullied, so she gets into fights with both of the two boys. Liesel wins both fights, but gets a very long Watschen
  • Liesel fights

    After the humiliating attempt to read, Ludwig Schmeikl and Tommy Müller bully Liesel. Liesel does not like being bullied, and her strong-willed nature leads her to get into fights with both of the boys.
  • PART 2

  • Liesel's new job

    On this day, Liesel accompanied Mama to collect the laundry. When they arrived at the first house, the man informed Mama that he no longer needed her to do his laundry because they could not afford it
  • Liesel's first beating

    after Liesel collected money for the laundry, she used some of it to mail the letters to her real Mama. Rosa noticed the missing money and asks Liesel what happened to it, and Liesel admitted that she had spent it
  • Hans Junior leaves

    During the visit of Hans Junior and Trudy, Hans Junior becomes frustrated, and leaves the house. He never returns.
  • Hitler's Birthday

    To celebrate Hitller's birthday, there is a fire at the town square of Himmel Street. The residents burn books, magazines, anything that could burn.
  • New book?

    After the fire, men were clearing away the ash. Liesel was watching, and when the men reduced the pile, Liesel noticed some unburned books. She managed to reach one of the books that she could see before the men ushered her away.
  • PART 3

  • Was she caught?

    When Liesel stole The Shoulder Shrug, someone had seen her. She thought that it was the mayor's wife, Ilsa Hermann. She becomes afraid and reluctant to gather the laundry from the house of the mayor.
  • The Apple Thieves

    When Rudy and Liesel see Arthur Berg with an apple, they ask where he got it. They then join Arthur and his gang on a thieving trip to steal apples.
  • Otto Strum incident

    After observing Otto biking the same route for a month, every Friday, carrying a basket full of food to the church, Liesel and Rudy decided that Otto's basket would be an excellent target to steal. They created an ice patch on Otto's path, and when he hit it, he crashed his bike, allowing Rudy and Liesel to steal the basket.
  • Max leaves for Munich

    Max boards a train to go seek the help of Hans Huberman.
  • Max meets the Hubermann's

    Max arrives at the door of 33 Himmel Street. He is feeling selfish for showing up at this house and asking them to risk their lives to save his.
  • Max and pea soup

    Rosa feeds Max pea soup on the night of his arrival. He eats too much for his empty stomach to hold, and he gets sick
  • PART 4

  • PART 5

  • Liesel's Birthday

    Liesel recieves another book, The Mud Men, from Mama and Papa for her birthday. Max says that he would have gotten something for her if he had known it was her birthday.
  • Max's Day Mares

    Max tells Liesel about how he has these "day mares" about how he fights Hitler in boxing.
  • The Whistler

    On this day, Ilsa insists that Liesel takes the book that she has been reading in the library, The Whistler. Once Liesel finally agrees, Ilsa gives Liesel the bad news; an envelope to cancel Mama's service.
  • Liesel gives The Whistler back

    On her way home, Liesel became very angry at Ilsa. Liesel turned around and went back to the mayors house, and expressed her anger to Ilsa. She then gives The Whistler back to Ilsa
  • Rudy and Liesel= Apple Thieves

    Since their isnt enough food to go around on Himmel street rudy and Liesel decide to join an apple stealing group to feed their hunger.
  • Liesel and Rudy steal The Whistler

    After returning the book to Ilsa, and a craving for thievery, Liesel leads rudy to Grande Strasse, where the mayor's house is. After many unsuccessful visits, this time, the window in the library is open. Liesel takes the chance to steal back The Whistler.
  • Vikor and The Whistler

    When Rudy and Liesel were returning to their homes, Viktor and the stealing gang spotted Liesel and Rudy. Liesel had developed a habit of carrying The Whistler. When Viktor saw them, he came and snatched the book from Liesel. After Rudy trying to protest, Viktor threw the book into the river.
  • Rudy saves The Whistler

    After chasing the book in the river along the riverside, Rudy jumped in to grab the book. He finally reaches it.
  • PART 6

  • Liesel meets one of Frau Holtzapfel's sons

    When Liesel goes to Frau Holtzapfel's house to read, she is greeted by a man. This man, is Frau Holztapfel's son, Michael. He is here because his brother, Frau Holtzapfel's other son, died in the war, so Michael came to tell his mother
  • 13 Presents

    While Max is ill, Liesel visits him very often. The presents began with a flattened soccer ball, and in total, Liesel gave 13 presents

    After bombings of other Germany towns, the NSDAP decide to prepare in case of an attack on Himmel Street. To do so, they need to check bbasements of houses for suitable air-raid shelters. When they check the basement at the Hubermann's house, they don't notice Max
  • PART 7

  • Hans paints blinds

    In order to add extra safety to Himmel Street, blinds were to be painted black so that at night, if a bombing were to occur, there would be no guidance as to where the homes were. Hans is a painter, so he and Liesel go to many houses to paint blinds.
  • Another book

    Liesel goes on her own to the library today, and steals the second book to her trilogy, A Song in the Dark.
  • Liesel completes the triology

    To complete her trilogy, Liesel steals The Complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurs. This book was resting against the window to the library. On the way home from stealing this book, a letter fell out, adressed to Liesel.
  • one real raid

    Liesel kept everyone in her air-raid shelter calm by reading to them. This was very successful, and they were safe before she could finish reading the chapter.
  • Holtzapfel's offer

    After Liesel's actions in the air-raid shelter, Holtzapfel asks Liesel if she would come and read to her. In exchange for the reading, Holtzapfel would stop spitting on the door, and would also give Liesel coffee.
  • Hans gives the Jew bread

    During the parade of Jews, there was one Jew who was extremely weak and could barely walk. Hans was a very brave man, and gave this Jew a chunk of bread. The Jew was very grateful for Hans' actions, but Hans was whipped and beaten by a soldier.
  • Max leaves the Hubermann's

    After Hans' generosity, giving the bread to a Jew, nobody could be sure as to wether a Nazi member would come and give a thorough search to their house. For these reasons, they agreed that it would be safest for Max to leave
  • the Coat Men and Rudy

    The purpose of the coat men going to speak to Rudy and his family was to take him away to a school. He was part of the aryan race. He was intelligent, athletic, and was German.Of course, the Steiners refused to sent Rudy with the coat men, and Alex Steiner recieves a whipping and beating for the refusal
  • PART 8

  • Hans receives a letter from NSDAP

    After Hans' incident with the Jew, the NSDAP finally accept him into the NSDAP. This was his punishment for his actions
  • Hans goes off to war...

    After his letter of acceptance to the NSDAP, Hans goes off to the war.
  • Hans requests to Liesel

    He asks her if she can take care of his accordion and if there are more raids keep reading in the air raid shelter
  • Boris Schipper

    he was Hans sergeant
  • Liesel and Rudy go to find the Fuhrer

    After their Papas leave, Liesel and Rudy go on an adventure tot find and kill the Fuhrer. But they turn around when it begins to get dark.
  • Liesel and Rudy copy Hans...

    There was a small parade of Jews on this day. Rudy brought two bikes and a small bag with 6 pieces of bread, broken into quarters. They biked ahead of the parade, and tossed the bread onto the road for the hungry Jews to collect.
  • Liesel's Christmas gift to Rudy

    For Christmas, Liesel takes Rudy shopping at the Steiner's shop. Liesel helps Rudy pick out a suit that he likes. Then Liesel gives him that suit for Christmas.
  • Christmas day

    For Christmas, Mama gives Liesel Max's journal. This is what Max had told Liesel that she would get when she was ready for it. It was titled The Word Shaker
  • PART 9

  • The Cookies

    Liesel steals cookies from the library. She also steals another book, The Last Human Stranger
  • Liesel is greeted by Frau Holtazpfel's son

    When Liesel goes to Frau Holtzapfel's house to read, she is greeted by a man. This man, is Frau Holztapfel's son, Michael. He is here because his brother, Frau Holtzapfel's other son, died in the war, so Michael came to tell Frau Holtzapfel.
  • Liesel, Rudy, cookies, guilt

    Liesel felt bad about taking the cookies and the plate from the library. She decided to give the plate back. She brought the plate to the door, knocked, and ran away.
  • Hans truck's accident

    Hans and his troop were in their truck on their way to the camp. Hans had allowed another man to sit in his seat. That was a very lucky move for Hans, unlucky for the other man. One of the wheels was punctured, and the truck rolled. The man in Hans' seat died, but Hans suffered only a broken leg.
  • Another parade of Jews

    In a parade of Jews, Liesel spots Max.
  • Liesel's new journal/book

    Liesel became angry one day while visiting the library, and she ruined one of the books. To apologize, Liesel wrote a letter, and in it she claimed that she would stop visiting the library. Ilsa goes to Liesel's house, and gives Liesel a black journal.
  • "The End of Himmel Street"

    This day marks the end of many lives on Himmel Street. To be more specific, everyone but Liesel dies. The sirens rang much to late for anyone to get to the air-raid shelters. Liesel was lucky. She was already in her own basement. Although it was not a designated air-raid shelter, it saved her life.
  • Liesel and Himmel Street

    Since Liesel is the only survivor of the Himmel Street bombing, she says goodbye to all of her dead family and neighbours. She begins with Rudy. He finally gets his kiss. Next is Mama for she can't bear look at Papa yet. She told Mama some of the memories she had of Mama. Finally is Papa. She says goodbye to Papa by giving him his accordion, kissing his shoulder, and thanking him for all that he did for her.