Big three

The beginning of the Cold War

  • Period: to

    The Second World War

  • The Tehran Conference

    The Tehran Conference
    The Wikipedia articleThe Big Three meet for the first time. Agreed that the USA and Britain would invade Europe to open a second front against the Germans.
  • The Yalta Conference

    The Yalta Conference
    Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meet together as Germany begins to crumble.
    - Germany to be divided into 4 zones of occupation
    - Berlin to be divided into 4 zones too
    - Countries of Eastern Europe allowed to hold free elections
    - USSR would join the war against Japan DISAGREEMENT
    - Over Poland. Stalin wanted to move Poland westwards into Germany. With the Red Army in occupation Churchill and Roosevelt couldn't do much about it.
  • Period: to

    Yalta to COMECON

  • Romania

    27 Feb 1945 - Soviet intervention in Romania to install a puppet regime
  • Lend Lease over

    During the war the Americans had given lots of money to Russia, this was called Lend Lease.
    Lend Lease aid to Moscow terminated as the war was over.
  • COMECON set up

    COMECON set up
    Council for Mutual Economic Aid.
    Trading organisation of communist countries
    Didn’t involve any injection of money so wasn’t as good as the Marshall Plan.