Independence day united states of america 23406746 1920 1200


  • Destroyers for Bases Deal

  • Smith Act

    finger printing of aliens
  • Selective Training and Service Act

    Peace time draft
  • Period: to

    20th Century

  • Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

  • Lend Lease

    Lend Materials for war
  • US enters WWII

  • Relocation Camps for Japanese

  • Congress of Racial Equality

    Prevented segregation and discrimination
  • Revenue Act of 1942

    Effort to increase tax revenues to cover the cost of WWII
  • Office of Price Administration seals prices, rations food

  • Detroit Race Riots

    government does nothing
  • Casablanca Conference

    FDR and Churchill met in Morocco to settle the future strategy of the Allies
  • Cairo Conference

    conference of the Allied leaders to seek Japan's unconditional surrender
  • Tehran Conference

    FDR, Stalin, Churchill to discuss strategy against Germany
  • GI Bill

    benefits for veterans – money for education, mortgage – creates middle class
  • US joins the United Nations

  • D-Day

  • Yalta Conference

    Allies meet to decide on final war plans
  • Battle of Bulge

    Last German offensive
  • Okinawa

    deadly military campaign on Pacific island
  • -Nationwide strikes due to inflation

    OPA disbanded
  • A-Bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • Germany and Japan surrender ending World War II

  • Roosevelt Dies

    Truman VP
  • Potsdam Conference

    Truman, Churchill, and Stalin meet in Germany to set up zones
  • Kennan containment

    prevent spread of communism
  • Employment Act

    goal to have full employment
  • Atomic Energy Act

    establish Atomic Energy Commission develop better bombs
  • President’s commission on Civil Rights

    Advocate Rights
  • Philippines get independence

  • Churchill's "Iron Curton" speech in response to Russian aggression

  • The Marshall Plan

    economic aid to Europe after WWII
  • Taft–Hartley Act

    80 cooling period not to strike - labor leaders must sign Non Communist oath
  • Truman Doctorine

    financial commitment to nations fighting Communism
  • Federal Employee Loyalty Program

    anti-communistic oaths
  • National Security Act

    –created CIA
  • Jackie Robinson breaks color barrier

  • Election of 1848

    Truman defeats Dewey and Thurman (DixiCrat)
  • Truman desegregates armed forces

  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Airlift
  • OAS

    Alliance of North America and South America
  • Alger Hiss Case

    Convicted of Purgery
  • Nuremberg trials

  • NATO formed

  • Communistic Victory in China

  • Russia’s 1st A-Bomb

  • Department of Defense created

  • West and East Germany created

  • Fair Deal

    most don’t pass; Housing Act (construction increases); minimum wage increases
  • Orwell, Ninteen Eighty-Four

  • Korean War Begins

    Containment of Communism
  • McCarren Internal Security Act

    illegal to contribute to Communism
  • McCarthyism

    fear of communism wide spread
  • National Security Council Memo 68

    beginning of massive defense spending
  • 22nd Amendment

    President can only serve 2 terms or 10 years
  • Denis vs. United States

    upheld Smith Act under “clear and present danger clause”
  • Catcher in the Rye

  • bases put into Japan


    Australia, New Zealand, and US ally
  • MacArthur fired by Truman

    invades China
  • Election of 1952: Eisenhower (Will end war) vs. Stevenson

  • Rosenbergs executed

  • terminate reservations for N.A.

  • Armistice in Korea–38th parallel

  • Shah of Iran returns to power in coup–to keep Iran from going Communistic

  • Krushchev in control of Russia

  • McCarthy hearings - Army

  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Seperate but equal !=

    Turkey, US,Iraq, Iran alliance
  • Fall of Dien Bien Phu

    French lose in Vietnam
  • Geneva Conference

    reduction of nuclear weapons, divide Vietnam along 17th parallel elections in a
  • Mao bombs Taiwan

    Eisenhower threatens to send troops in and the A bomb brinkmanship
  • China bombs Taiwan

    Eisenhower sends in troops China backs off
  • Montgomery bus boycott begins

    Rosa parks
  • AFL and the CIO merge

  • Warsaw Pact

    USSR and Eastern European allies unite to counter NATO
  • Election of 1956: Eisenhower re-elected: ended Korean “War” and balanced budget

  • Suez Crisis

    Egyptian President nationalizes canal
  • Howl by Allen Ginsberg

  • Interstat Highway Act

    building federal roads; movement into rural area; creation of suburbs
  • Hungarian Revolution

    Rebel against Communism
  • US puts Diem in power in South Vietnam

  • Election 1956: Eisenhower defeats Stevenson again

  • Eisenhower Doctrine

    extends to Truman Doctrine to Middle East
  • Domino Theory

    if one country fell to Communism, it would undermine another that one would fall,
    producing a domino effect
  • Baby Boom Peaks

  • Civil Rights Act

    supervise voting
  • Little Rock School desegregation

  • Russians Launch Sputnik

  • 1st Nuclear Power Plant

  • On the Road–Jack Kerouac

  • National Defense Education Act

    funding to math, science, and language programs
  • NASA formed

  • Cuban Revolution

    Castro invades
  • Labor Reform Act

    Protects employees
  • Alaska and Hawaii admitted as states

  • U-2 incident

    US spy plane goes down in USSR convert operation discovered
  • Greensboro sit in

  • Civil rights Act

    federal government registers black voters
  • Election 1960: Kennedy (Dem) defeats Nixon (Rep)–1st TV debate

  • National Liberation Front

    Viet Cong formed
  • Trade Embargo on Cuba

  • Bay of Pigs

    Attempt to overthrow castro - fails
  • Alliance for Progress

    to build up Third World nations to the point where they could manage their own affairs
  • Berlin wall built

  • Peace corps

  • Coup regime in Vietnam

  • OPEC founded

  • Cuban missile crisis

  • Baker vs. Carr

    end of gerrymandering
  • Engel v. Vitale

    ayer in public schools were banned on violation the First Amendment
  • Silent Spring Rachel Carson

  • Students for a democratic Society

    condemned anti-Democratic tendencies of large
    corporations, racism and poverty
  • Test Ban Treaty

    No testing in atmosphere or ocean
  • Kennedyassassinated by Oswald–Johnson becomes President

  • March of Washington

  • The Feminine Mystique

  • 24th Amendment–outlaws poll tax

  • US enters Vietnam War

  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

  • War Powers Act

    restrained president’s ability to commit troops overseas
  • Economic Opportunity Act:

    Job Core for youth training; Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA);
    Office of Economic Opportunity establish Equal Opportunity Laws
  • Civil Rights Act

    Desegregation of public spaces
  • Tax reduction

  • Great Society

    Platform for LBJ's campaign,
  • Medicare and Medicade

  • Higher Education Act

  • Ralph Nadar's Unsafe at any Speed

  • Watts, Detroit race riots

  • Voting Rights Act

    it allowed for supervisors to register Blacks t
    o vote in places where they had
    notbeen allowed to vote before.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development established

  • Department of Transportation created

  • National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act

  • Miranda vs. Arzona

    Miranda Rights
  • National Organization for Women (NOW)

  • 25th Amendment–Allowed VP who becomes Pres. to pick a new VP

  • Election of 1968–JFK shot; Nixon elected

  • Nixon's "New Federalism"-returning power to the states

  • Vietnamization begins

  • TET

    Viet Cong attacks during Vietnamese holiday
  • War extended to Laos and Cambodia

  • Cival Rights Act

    equal opprotunity housing
  • Nixon Doctorine

    reducing number of troops abroad by helping nations economically and militarily
  • Armstrong walks on the freakin moon

  • Warren E. Burger appointed

    a conserv
    ative to fill Earl Warren's liberal spot
  • U.S. bombed North Vietnamese positions in Cambodia and Laos

  • Vietnamization begins

    slow withdrawal of troops from Vietnam
  • Kent State war protest

  • Reed vs. Reed

    outlawed sextual discrimination
  • Desegregation

  • New Economic Policy

    Wage and prices controls
  • Election of 1972: Nixon re-elected defeating McGovern in largest landslide victory

  • Nixon visits Red China and Russia

    Eases tensions
  • SALT1

    Limitations to nuclear arms
  • Watergate Scandle

  • Equal RIghts Amendment

  • Treaty of Paris: ends Vietnam

  • Gideon vs. Wainwright

    court decide
    d that state and local courts must provide counsel for defendants
    in felony cases
  • Roe vs. Wade.

    restricting abortion is unconstitiunal
  • VP Agnue resigns Ford replaces him

  • Vietnam becomes Communistic

  • Kaher roge

    ruthless regime est
    ablished in Cambodia
  • Ford Pardons Nixon

  • Nixon resigns

  • US ship Mayaquez attacked by Cambodia

  • Election of 1975: Carter defeats Ford

  • US gives up rights to Panama Canal

  • China and Us Agree to establish diplomatic relations

  • Fuel shortage


    Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with Russia
  • Three Mile Island

    power plant failure emits radiation in Pennsylvania
  • Create Department of Energy and Department of Education

  • Camp David Accords

    Isreal vs Egypt