communication and history

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  • Jan 1, 1000


    r.d. petroglyphscreate images during the prehistoric
    times(10,000 B.C.). the people do carvings on rock surfaces by pecking and incising. The pictures describe many stories of what happened during that time period.
  • typewriter

    p.b. typewriterwas invented by Henry Mill. Used for writing but the letters go in order than the present computers. I like the typewriters because I usually make stories and improvise them. Kind of similar to the computer today but with paper and keys only
  • Telegraph

    telegraphtelegraphIt was created by Joseph Henry. A year later,
    the morse code was invented by Samuel Morse. they used the morse code for the telegraph.
  • telephone

    public domain telephonealexander graham bell created the first telephone for people to be able to communicate with other people. The telephone has been so helpful in that time. Now instead of the telephone, it turned into new things like the iPhone 6.
  • computer

    public domain computersThe UNIVAC was the first computer to ever be made. It was made in the US, it was very efficient to people back then. It was used for business things that were very important.
  • internet

    research domain internet
    was a world wide network source to allow people to go on any website they desire. Its the most popular worldwide communicating system in the world. I am so happy that we have the internet.
  • pictograms

    pictogramsare pictures that represent different things by using symbolic pictures. (9,000 B.C.)