The August Revolution (Vietnam War) Danielle, Alluka and Megan

  • Japanese surrender caused Ho Chi Minh to call for a general uprising

  • Viet Minh troops enter Hanoi. Boo Dai abdicates and asks the Viet Minh to form a government in Cochinchina. Within 10 days of Japanese surrender, the Viet Minh controlled Vietnam

  • Ho Chi Minh proclaims independance of a new state- Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV)

  • British General Gracey arrives in Saigon and refused to deal with the Viet Minh and arranged the return of ths French. The Viet Minh respond with boycotts and demonstrations

  • French troops stage brutal crackdown on Viet Minh headquarters.

  • Chinese nationalists recognised French sovereignty and withdrew forces. Ho Chi Minh appeals to US but Truman favoured French rule of Indochina

  • Compromise reached