The Aughts!

  • 1st camera phone

    1st camera phone
    Brought to market by SoftBank, a Japanese conglomerate.
  • Period: to

    The Aughts

    CIS 105 Timeline
  • Fastest supercomputer

    Fastest supercomputer
    Earth Simulator was the fastest supercomputer from 2002-2004. It is located in Japan, and used to create global weather models.
  • First true 64 bit PC released

    First true 64 bit PC released
    Side note: Virginia Tech used ~1000 of these to create a supercomputer that ranked #3 in the world that November.
  • Bless the makers

    Bless the makers
    This was the first iteration of the Arduino board. It was the size of a credit card, but was used to help start the "maker" revolution.
  • The Roadrunner supercomputer

    The Roadrunner supercomputer
    This particular supercomputer had a beefed up Playstation 3 microprocessor, that when paired with an AMD chip allowed for a sustained performance of 1 petaflop. The first computer ever to do that.