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The Assassination of Gianni Versace

  • Birth

    Gianni Versace was born in Reggio Calabria on December 2, 1946, where he grew up with his older brother Santo, his younger sister Donatella, his father, and his mother Francesca. He had an older sister, Tina, who died at age 10.
  • Gianni's youth

    Gianni's youth
    Gianni began his apprenticeship at an early age, helping his mother find precious stones and gold threads for embroidering dresses. She studied architecture before moving to Milan at age 26 to work in fashion design. In the mid-1970s, his montages caught the attention of the Genny and Callaghan brands. He was hired to design their collections and a few years later, encouraged by his success, he presented his first women's collection signature at the art museum,
  • Foundation

    The first Versace boutique was opened in Milan Italy in 1978 and its popularity was immediate. Gianni controlled from design to marketing. In 1982, the brand expanded to accessories, jewelry and home. In 1994 the company gained international fame for Elizabeth Hurley's black dress, which has remained one of the designer's most famous garments. Gianni Versace had famous clients such as David Santisteban, 2pac, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Diana of Wales, etc.
  • Personal life

    Personal life
    She met Antonio D'Amico, a model, in 1982. The couple embarked on a relationship that lasted fifteen years, until Versace's tragic death. During that time Antonio was a designer for the Versace sports line. Versace left his partner D'Amico a monthly lifetime pension of 50 million lire (approx. $26,000), and the right to occupy any of the Versace homes in Italy and the United States. D'Amico now has his own fashion design company
  • Murder

    On the morning of July 15 in the summer of 1997, returning from his usual walk along Miami's Ocean Drive promenade, Versace was shot in front of his ocean-view mansion in Miami Beach. He was killed by Andrew Phillip Cunanan, who committed suicide shortly after the murder and whose body was found on a houseboat.
  • Today

    Currently Donatella Versace, gianni's sister is the director and owner of the firm, has managed to keep the brand at the forefront cataloging it within the best and most exclusive haute couture brands in the world, all this in memory of her brother