The Arabic Language

  • 500

    Development of The Arabic Language

    In the 6th Century AD The Arabic Language had developed. It is mainly used in The Quran now. People who are Muslim usuallly know words of the Language.
  • Jan 1, 600

    Main Groups of The Language

    Maghreb Arabic
    Andalusi Arabic (extinct)
    Egyptian Arabic
    Sudanese Arabic
    Levantine Arabic
    Iraqi Arabic
    Gulf Arabic
    Najdi Arabic
    Yemeni Arabic
  • The basic meaning of Arabic

    Arabic is the language of the Arabs. Many non-Arabs also speak the language and it comes in many dialects which can be so different an person from one country will have difficulty understanding the other. Arabic is called '`Arabee' in Arabic. It is a very popular language and the Quran is written in Arabic.
  • Why it is so difficult

    Arabic is not written with vowels, but they have a very complicated word-endinearn.g voweling system that Muslims have to learn.