The Arab World's Reaction to the Death of Osama bin Laden

  • Egypt

    Egypt has remained relatively silent not willing to discuss the importance of the news until the body of the leader is displayed.The successor of Mubarak reacted benelovently saying that they have their own issues and challenges to face.
  • Iraq

    A senior official in Iraq is quoted as saying "I don't expect the killing of bin Laden will finish Al-Qaida here or in other countries. It will affect their morale for sure. But it won't end their organization." Others here are worried about retaliation from Al-Qaida and the country has increased it's security.
  • West Bank

    West Bank
    Spokesman for the Palestine Authority stated,"Getting rid of bin Laden is good for the cause of world peace." The Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip condemned the killing of bin Laden and called him "a holy martyr."
  • Yemen

    The ancestral home of bin Laden,Government officials here reacted to the event as "extremely important." "We welcome the news, it is a truly historic moment." Yemen has been the target of attacks by Al-Qaida in the past.
  • Israel

    Quite possibly the source of bin Laden's hatred for America, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu stated:"This is a resounding triumph for justice, freedom and the values shared by all democratic nations fighting shoulder to shoulder in determination against terrorism."
  • Libya

    Cvilians in Libya hailed the news of bin Laden's death expressing desire for the U.S. to now turn their efforts on suppporting the protest again Qaddafi.
  • Afghanistan

    President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan called on Taliban guerrillas to learn a lesson from the death of Osama bin Laden and stop fighting against his US-backed administration.
  • Pakistan

    The Pakistani foreign ministry said in an English statement that the government of Asif Ali Zardari, president, hailed bin Laden’s killing as a “major setback to terrorist organizations around the world." Adding that 100's of thousands of Pakistani's have died at the hands of Al-Qaida. President Zadari, after talking with President Obama agreed that May 1st was a historic day for both nations.
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