The Adventurous Life of Deborah Sampson by Harley Bailey

  • Deborah is Born!

  • Period: to

    The Adventureous Life of Deborah Sampson

  • Deborah is sent away :(

    Sadly, she and her siblings had to be sent away because their mother couldn't afford them when she was 5 yrs. old.
  • Miss Fuller is Dead :(

    Miss Fuller , her cousin and new gaurdian, got ill and sadly died.
  • A New Hope ! :)

    DeaconThomas takes Deborah in after Mrs.Thatcher,her new gaurdian, got sent away to live with relatives.
  • She's 10! :)

    British troops come to Boston to make sure unfair laws are carried out.
  • Shes 13 and theres no tea!

    The Bosten Tea Party happened
  • She is 14 and there is a new pproblem

    The King charges Bosten for dumping the tea in the harbor.
  • Trouble at 15!

    The colonies are preraring for war!
  • A New Soldier

    Deborah dresses as a man and joins the Army as a man named ''Robert Shurtliff''.
  • Secret told

    She was honerably discharged from the Army as Deborah Sampson after she told her secret.
  • She is dead :(

    Deborah Sampson Gannet, married to Benjamin Gannet, dies at the age of 67, with 3 children.