The Acts

  • French and indain war

    The french and indain war started over argument over near by land and the fur trade.It started in 1754 and end in 1763.French loss the war and has alot of dete.Spain gets more land
  • proclamation line

    the prolamation line was a law that said that a white settlement can not go south of the appalach moutain rangebecause of to much fighting beween white and indians .this is the first law that colonst did not like
  • sugar act

    it started over taxs from the war .they had to pay 1.50moe on eveything they buy .it begain in 1764
  • Quarering act

    it is law that you have to give place to stay .because they thank thats the lesed you can do they are keeping you safe. so if they whated beer i beeter go get some .
  • stamp act

    it is like a card that says that you bought this thing .they made it to pay off taxes
  • declaratory act

    its a parlyment that says the king can taxe .evey thing because they are one can over the king .so they can not make laws
  • townshed act

    it was a tax on evey was a low taxe . they were trying to stop smuggler a inspecter would cheek for stuff that was smuggler .colonist protested about it
  • boston masacre

    someone yelled fired so they shot.5 shot 6 died .they were tryed for mureder .6of the 8in jail for mureder
  • gaspee affair

    ship gaspee blows up .evey one know who did it but told .a reawrd was oferd it was 5,000 for the leader and 2.500 for the men that was with him.
  • tea act

    the tea co was going out of bisniss .they have 15 million pounds of tea in a removed some taxes paid by the tea co . colonistare mad about it
  • boston tea party

    men dressed like indians go on to the ship and smashed tea .they destroyed 70,000 in tea .boston had to pay for it
  • First continental congress

    The First continental congress was the first meeting of 12 of the 13 leaders of each colonies .there was a meeting because of all the event before and they all argeed to send a penition to King George and king ingnores it and that makes it easyer to brake way.It was holded in philadelphia on sep 5 to oct 26 1774
  • intolerable act

    it was caused by the boston tea party . boston will have alot more no town meetings .boston harbor close means no ships no trade.
  • lexington and concord

    britsh troops left boston .they plan to capture samuel adams and john one know who fired but 8c olonist died and 10 hurt .washington was leader