The 4 important events that happen during the Choson Dynasty that cause anxzation of Korea

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    The Four most important events that lead to the annexation of Korea

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    Regen of Taewon'gun

    King Kojong was too young to take the throne so his father Taewon'gun take charge.
    During Taewon'gun Reign he promote backward ideas of Confucian Thinking. He isolate Korea from the Japanese and the world quote
    " the japanese emissaries look like all the other "barbarians' in western dress."
    He want to strengten bonds with the crumbling Qing Dynasty. Significant:
    As he attemp to promote the confucian ideas he also preventing his countries to pursue ot
  • Regen of Taewon'gun (cont...)

    Regen of Taewon'gun (cont...)
    other idea that might improve and modernize Korea. His attempt isolationist plan did not stop the Japanese from annexing Korea it just delaying and establishing for an easy target. His persuit to form a connection with the crumbling Qing Dynasty will only brought his country down with them.
  • Tonghak Rebellion (Cont...)

    Tonghak Rebellion (Cont...)
    created whitch would eventually lead to tension between the two biggest East Asia nation.The Korean's government show to the Japanese that they are to weak to even to put down a rebellion. The Korea ask China to help out so the forces of China and Japan on Korea soil created great tension which would later lead to the Sino-Japanese war.
  • Tonghak Rebellion

    Tonghak Rebellion
    Cause: -The increase in nationalism and the unbalance between peasant and Yangbang class.
    -Increased taxes that forced many farmer to sell their land, forced labor and other abuses caused many farmers to throw their lot in with the Tonghaks
    -the deep miss agreement of the yang-ban class on how they handle forien powers. Effect: .-The involvement of Japanese and China on Korean Soil.
    Significant:The rebellion was something that Korea themself created whitch would eventually lead to tensi
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    First Sino-Japanese War

    First Sino-Japanese War 1 Aug 1894 - 17 Apr 1895
    -The Tonghak Rebellion
    -The tension that was created when Korea ask China to sent armies to help with the rebellion.
    -The Treaty of 1876 that claim Korea as a independent nation from China foreign relations. Effect: Treaty of Shinmonoseki
    -Korea official recognition from China to stay out of Korea and acknowledge their dependent.
    -It was an unequal treaty for China.
    -The Triple Intervention response to the Treaty of Shinmonoseki which woul
  • Sino-Japanese War (Cont..)

    Sino-Japanese War (Cont..)
    would be a direct cause of Russo-Japanese War. Significant: -The Korea official Independent farther weaken the Qing Dynasty and open up Korea. This also cause the Russia whom was also attempting to setup their own East Asia ambition to put pressure on Japan. This created tension between Japan and Russia on Japanese soil where Korea would respond by attempting to get help from Russia.
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    Russo-Japanese War

    Russo-Japanese War 8 Feb 1904 - 5 Sep 1905 Cause: -Triple Intervention of 1895 -Sino-Japanese War -The presence of Russia in Manchuria -Korea attempt to take side with Russia in hope of expelling Japanese from expanding in to Korea. -Tsar Nicholas II dragged Japan into war intentionally, in hopes of reviving Russian nationalism Effect: -Russia presence in East Asia specifically Manchuria and China. -Korea no longer have any other international power that would stop Japan.
  • Russo Japanese War cont

    Russo Japanese War cont
    With the presence of Russia and China gone from the Korea Pinisulla and the assination of Queen Min Korea is left vaunerable with no one elst strong enough to stop Japan from annexing Korea.