The 27th Amendment

By jnsmith
  • 27th Amendment was first brought up

    Durring the North Carolina convention a number of states sugested this amendment be put in place.
  • Period: to


  • first presented

    first presented by James Madison of Virginia
  • First to ratify the 27th amendment

    Maryland was the first state to ratify the 27th amendment
  • legislation results

    the vote passed with 138 against 29
  • Kentucky follows

    shortly after Massachusetts passed it the Kentucky General Assembly did the same
  • Tennessee follows

    after both Massachusetts and Kentucky Tennessee follows suit aswell
  • Wyoming ratification

    Wyoming ratified the amendment as a protest against Congress raising its pay
  • Gregory Wattson

    Gregory Wattson wrote a paper over the 27th amendment pushing for ratification for a campaign for state legislatures
  • 10th to ratify

    Maine was the tenth state to ratify the 27th amendment
  • Officialy Ratified

    May 19, 1992 the 27th amendment was officaly ratified by Archivist of the United States Don W. Willson