us government timeline

  • sugar act

    sugar act
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    first direct tax on paper goods and legal documents
  • boston massacre

    boston massacre
    soldiers fired into crowd 5 colonist died
  • boston tea party

    boston tea party
    dumbed british tea into the harbor
  • intolerable acts

    intolerable acts
    quartering of british troops
  • first continental congress

    first continental congress
    delegates from twelve of British's thirteen American colonies meet to discuss America's future under growing British aggression
  • declaration of independence

    blamed the king for variety of issue and was inspired by the virgina declaration of rights
  • second continental congress

    it united delegates in support of the American revolution and also appointed George Washington commander in chief
  • shays rebellion

    farmers were in debt weren't paid during the war massachusetts farmers rebelled attacked the courthouse to keep them from foreclosing on there land and also attacked military arsenal
  • northwest ordinance

    established a plan to settle the northwest territories
    included disputed lands
    created system for admitting states to the union
    banned slavery in the territory
    guided nations western expansion
  • revising articles of confederation

    rival plans
    compromise over slavery
    presidential election
    electoral college
  • the new constitution

    was made to make the strong government so they can deal with problems like shay's rebellion also had equal representation
    included first 10 amendments of constitution
  • seperation of powers

    made the
    legislature branch - congress
    executive branch - president and cabinet
    judicial branch - supreme court
  • great compromise

    made population of states with each slave as 3/5 of a person so south wouldn't have a bigger population
  • federalist papers

    wrote by Hamilton , Maddison , john Jay were authors of federalist papers which defended the new constitution under the pen name pubilus
    argued the constitution included a seperation of powers to limit power
  • first amendment

    freedom of religion
  • third amendment

    places restriction for quartering soldiers
  • second amendment

    was the right to bear arms
  • 6th amendment

    the right that all citizens of the us gets a speedy and fair trail
  • 8th amendment

    ban on extreme punishments for crimes
  • fourth amendment

    prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures
  • the 5th amendment

    the person being tried and aqquitted cannot be tried again
  • 9th amendment

    clarifies that us citizens have more rights than those currently listed
  • 7th amendment

    gives the right for any claimant to take a matter to court and trail
  • 10th amendment

    where the federal government only has the power assigned to it via the us constitution
  • 11th amendment

    the right for citizens for a sue state only applies to residents in that state ( for example texas cant sue the state of mexico )
  • 12th amendment

    a complex that all amendments that lays out all laws for how president and vice president progress through the nomination and election process . who is allowed to vote and qualified electors
  • 13th amendment

    abolition of slavery
  • 14th amendment

    all those born or naturalized within the us are citizens of the us
  • 15th amendment

    any us citizen has the right to vote regardless of race and color
  • 17th amendment

    the people of the us have the power to choose there representatives and laid out terms
  • 16th

    allowed congress to start collecting income tax
  • us joined world war 1

    the us joined world war
  • world war 1 end

    armstice started
  • 18 amendment

    the 18th amendment was called the prohibition law basically prohibited the sell of alcohol
  • 19th amendment

    any us citizen can vote no matter the biological sex this is where women can now vote along with men to vote
  • great depression starts

    stocks started to go down and led to the wall street market crash
  • 20th amendment

    this amendment is saying that all presidential terms and those of vice presidents will end at noon on January 20th
  • 21st amendment n

    this amendment was to repeal the 18th amendment was to allow prohibition law and allow the sale and manufacture and transportation of alcohol
  • end of great depression

    it ended cause we got involved in world war 2
  • 22nd amendment

    says no president should be eligible for more than two terms
  • 23rd amendment

    ensures washington dc had electors in the electoral but only as many as the state with the lowest number this will ensure all voters had better representation
  • 24th amendment

    says any us citizen has the right to vote for candidates in any election for president , or congress representatives
  • 25th amendment

    says if the president is removed from office , resigns , or dies the vice president will take over
  • 26th amendment

    they change the voting age from 21 to 18
  • 27th amendment

    says any change of the salary of those in congress should not take effect until the next election of representatives