The 27 Admendments

Timeline created by s-cvaldez
  • Amendment 1

    Amendment 1
    Congress will make no law against religion or reduce the peoples freedom of speech.
  • Amendment 2

    Amendment 2
    The security of each state and the right of the people to have weapons will not be limited.
  • Amendmend 3

    Amendmend 3
    No soldiers will be invading or staying at any persons house during the war unless the owner of the house approves of them staying.
  • Amendment 4

    Amendment 4
    All people have a right to thier selves ,houses,and papers.No unfair searches will be commited for it would count as a violation of privaxy unless hte police has warrant to search.
  • Amendment 5

    Amendment 5
    Protects the right to due process, and prohibits self-incrimination and double jeopardy
  • Amendment 6

    Amendment 6
    Anyone who is accusedof a crime will have a right to a speedy and public trial and will have a lawer for his defence.
  • Amendment 7

    Amendment 7
    Guarantees the right of trial by the jury in certain civil cases in almost all common law suits..
  • Amendment 8

    Amendment 8
    Forbids excessive fines and excessive bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment..
  • Amendment 9

    Amendment 9
    Protects rights not enumerated in the constitution and willl not be denied or disparaged by the people.
  • Amendment 10

    Amendment 10
    Limits the powers of the federal government to those delegated to it by the Constitution.
  • Amendment 11

    Amendment 11
    Protection of states from suits or from out-of-state citizens and foreigners not living within the state borders.
  • Amendment 12

    Amendment 12
    Seperate ballots of the pesident and vice president and revises of the presidential election procedures.
  • Amendment 13

    Amendment 13
    No slavery or involuntary servitude will exist in the U.S unless it's a punishment for a crime.
  • Amendment 14

    Amendment 14
    The national and state citizenship is defined and has an eqaul protection of the law.
  • Amendment 15

    Amendment 15
    Citizens of the U.S are able to vote and can't be denied to do so.Voting will also not be based on race,and color.
  • Amendment 16

    Amendment 16
    Congress has the right to lay all power and collect taxes on imcomes from whatever source derived without apportian from several states
  • Amendment 17

    Amendment 17
    Changed the way U.S senators seated from selected by state legislature to a popular voting systme
  • Amendment 18

    Amendment 18
    Forbid the people from selling,making,and shiping acoholic beverages.
  • Amendmentn19

    The right on people to vote in the U.S will not be based on gender.
  • Amendment 20

    Amendment 20
    No person can be elected for president more than a two year term.
  • Amendment 21

    Amendment 21
    Repeals the 18th amendment and forbids violations of state laws regarding alcohol.
  • Amendment 22

    Amendment 22
    Limits the number of times that a person can be elected as president. A person cannot be elected president more than twice..
  • Amendment 23

    Amendment 23
    Gives the citizens in washinton D.C a right to vote in presidential elections.
  • Amendment 24

    Amendment 24
    Forbids congress and the states from processing the right to vote in federal elections on payments of poll tax or other types of tax,
  • Amendment 25

    Amendment 25
    Succesion to the presindency if the president dies or is unable to perform his duties.
  • Amendment 26

    Amendment 26
    Citizens of the U.S who are 18 and over will be allowed to vote.
  • Amendment 27

    Amendment 27
    Prevents congress from passing imediate salary increases for its self.Salary changes passed by congress can't take effect until the next congressional elections.