THE 1970's

  • Beatles Breakup

    The Beatles were active from their formation in 1960 to the disintegration of the group in 1970.All four band members had begun working on solo projects by 1970 which lead to their breakup.Paul McCartney made the break-up public.
  • Earth Day

    Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment.Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970.
  • Kent state shooting

    Members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of Kent State University demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine Kent State students. The impact of the shootings was dramatic. The event triggered a nationwide student strike that forced hundreds of colleges and universities to close.There were 4.
  • Amtrak created

    Amtrak is a mix of the words America and track.President Richard Nixon created Amtrak. It is a government owned corporation, that was organized on May 1, 1971, to provide intercity passenger train service in the United States.
  • The Concert for Bangladesh

    There were two benefit concerts organised by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar. It was organised to raise international awareness and fund relief efforts for refugees from East Pakistan following the 1970 Bhola cyclone and atrocities during Bangladesh Liberation War. It was held on held at noon and at 7pm on Sunday at the Madison Square Gardens in New York, and over 40,000 people attended. The concert raised 243,418.51 dollars.
  • Disney World Opens

    10,000 visitors went to disneyland at its grand opening.It was 107 acres, and it featured attractions such as Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Tomorrowland. It took 7 years of planning for the big day.The price of admission was $4.95
  • Mark Spitz 1972 Olympics

    At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.Spitz set a new world record in each of the seven events (the 100 m freestyle , 200 m freestyle, 100 m butterfly, 200 m butterfly, 4 × 100 m freestyle relay, 4 x 200 m freestyle relay and the 4 × 100 m medley relay . Originally Spitz was reluctant to swim the 100m freestyle fearing a less than gold medal finish.
  • Watergate scandal

    Watergate scandal is how Nixon told some of his top white house officials to go and plant bugs to get dirt on his democratic competerors. When he was confronted by it he denied it and deleted all of the bad infornation.
  • M*A*S*H T.V. Show Premiers

    The series premiered in the US on September 17, 1972.Many of the stories were based on real-life tales told by real MASH surgeons. It covered a three-year military conflict, spanned 251 episodes and lasted eleven seasons and ended February 28, 1983.
  • Sears town built

    This tower was completed in 1973. After this building was done being constructed the world had a new tallest building.The Sears Tower is 1,454 feet tall, and even taller (1707 ft.) when you include its twin antennas, that are each over two hundred feet tall. The Sears Tower is a massive 110 stories tall. The Sears Tower is located on Wacker Drive in Chicago, Illinois. This was a smart place to construct it, because m
  • Abortion Legalized

    Abortion has been legal in every state in the united states of American ever since the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.Roe established that "the right of personal privacy includes the abortion decision.
  • Endagered Species act of 1973

    Through federal action and by encouraging the establishment of state programs, the 1973 Endangered Species Act provided for the conservation of ecosystems upon which threatened and endangered species of fish, wildlife, and plants depend.
  • Richard Nixon Resigns

    On August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon resigns as president. His term was from January 20 , 1969 - August 9, 1974. He served 2 Terms and Resigned during second term because of the Watergate cover-up. Some major events that happened while he was in office were, he expanded vietnamese war, ended the military draft, he bacame the first president to visit china, taking the us dollar off the gold standard, etc
  • mao tse tung died

    He was commonly referred to as Chairman Mao. He was born on December 26, 1893 and died September 9, 1976. He was a Chinese Communist revolutionary, guerrilla warfare strategist, Marxist political philosopher, and leader of the Chinese Revolution.He was the architect and founding father of the PRC.
  • First Test Tube Baby

    Oldham, England, on Dr. Patrick Steptoe's successful delivery of Louise Joy Brown, the first child conceived in vitro. When the baby was born she was healthy.