Terrorism Timeline

  • 9/11 Attacks

    9/11 Attacks
    On September 11th, 2001, the members of Al-Qaeda attacked the United States. They attacked four planes, two were flown into the World Trade Center in New York City, one was flown into the Pentagon, just outside of Washington D.C., and one crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. These events occurred due to the United States and terrorist group's hatred of each other.
  • Nightclub Bombings

    Nightclub Bombings
    This was an Al Qaeda led attack on two nightclubs in Bali, Indonesia. It resulted in the deaths of 202 people.
  • J.W. Marriott Hotel Bombing

    J.W. Marriott Hotel Bombing
    Jemaah Islamiyah led a bombing of a J.W. Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia which resulted in the deaths of twelve people.
  • Boston Marathon Bombings

    Boston Marathon Bombings
    In April of 2013, 2 terrorists plotted bombings at the Boston Marathon. It killed a few people and injured many. The bombers were on the run afterwards, which resulted in one of them being killed and the other one being arrested.
  • Charlie Hebdo Attacks

    Charlie Hebdo Attacks
    In January of 2015, terrorists attacked a cartoon place in Paris. This killed a few people in France.
  • Paris Attacks

    Paris Attacks
    Terrorists attacked 6 places in Paris, killing at least 130 people and injuring hundreds. One of the biggest attacks was at a concert hall, in which gunman shot at people who were watching a concert.
  • Battle of El Adde

    Battle of El Adde
    Terrorists attacked a Kenyan army base in Somalia. At least 180 members of the Kenyan military were killed.
  • Brussels Attacks

    Brussels Attacks
    In March of 2016, terrorists attacked Brussels by setting off bombs in the airport and at the metro station. These attacks killed at least 31 people and wounded at least 270.
  • 2016 Lahore Suicide Bombing

    2016 Lahore Suicide Bombing
    Suicide bombings took place in Pakistan, killing at least 75 people and wounding hundreds. The attack mainly targeted Christians.
  • 2016 Kabul Attack

    2016 Kabul Attack
    Members of the Taliban attacked a part of Afghanistan. They killed about 64 people and injured hundreds.