Ten Historical Energy Events

  • Wind Power 1600BCE

    Wind Power 1600BCE
    1600 BCE, the first use of wind power is used by the Shang Dynasty.
  • First Steam Engine

    Developed by James Watts in England
  • First Electric Light

    This would soon lead to houses useing electricity.
  • First Oil Well

    The first oil well is drilled by Drake in Pennsylvania
  • First Battery

    The first battery is created. This could now store electrical energy.
  • First Electric Lamp

    this is the first lamp that could easily put into houses and was convenient.
  • First Automobile

    Increased transport speeds by elininating the horse.
  • Hoover Dam

    this would bring electricity to most of the Western states and was movement toward more efficient energy sources.
  • Solar Cells

    Invention of the first silicon solar cells in silicon valley. This would be the advent of the movement toward better energy sources.
  • Solar Panels

    Mass production of solar panels begins.