Timeline created by Syadav
  • 1608 Telescope (kijker)

    1608 Telescope (kijker)
    The first telescope made in 1608 by Hans Lippershey
  • 1672 (refracting telescope)

    1672 (refracting telescope)
    It was made famous, however, by Italian mathematician Galileo, who constructed his own, improved device, and was the first to use it to explore space. With his telescope, he discovered four satellites of Jupiter and resolved nebular patches into stars
  • 1845 (Leviathan of Parsonstown)

    1845 (Leviathan of Parsonstown)
    The Irish nobleman William Parsons, the 3rd Earl of Rosse built the 3rd type of telescope in 1845.
  • 1970 (Dutch perspective glass)

    1970 (Dutch perspective glass)
    The 4th type of telescope was made in 1970 by Hans Lippershey.
  • 1996-2011 (Hubble Space telescope)

    1996-2011 (Hubble Space telescope)
    During 1996-2011 plans were made for a new type of telescope, the plans were mostly made from James Webb.
  • 2012 (modern Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope)

    2012 (modern Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope)
    Thomas J. Johnson, the creator of the modern Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.
  • 2025 SPACE!!!!!!!!!!

    2025 SPACE!!!!!!!!!!
    the future