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Telecomunication inventions

  • Computer---Charles Babbage

    Computer---Charles Babbage
    A computer serves to search information and watch social media
  • Telegraph---Alexander Morse

    Telegraph---Alexander Morse
    The Telegraph is used to comunicate in Morse code
  • Telephone---Antonio Meucci

    Telephone---Antonio Meucci
    A telephone is used to talk with friends or family.
  • Radio---Gullermo Marconni

    Radio---Gullermo Marconni
    The radio is used to hear music or the news and also comunicate
  • Television---Charles Francis Jenkins

    Television---Charles Francis Jenkins
    A Television is used to watch the news or TV shows
  • Tablet---Alan Kay

    Tablet---Alan Kay
    A tablet its serves to watch social media, take photos and chat with your family or friends.
  • Mobile Phone---Martin Cooper

    Mobile Phone---Martin Cooper
    A mobile phone is used for watch social media and talk with peopple, also it take photos.