telecommunications inventions

Timeline created by María Ecker
  • telegraph (Samuel Morse)

    telegraph (Samuel Morse)
    It was Joseph Henry who in 1829 built the first telegraph. However, the person who gave it great impetus was the American Samuel Morse. A telegraph is a communication system that allows coded messages to be transmitted quickly and remotely.
  • telephone (Antonio Meucci)

    telephone (Antonio Meucci)
    The telephone was invented by the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci in 1854, in Havana, while he was living in Cuba. A telephone is a device that transmits sounds at a distance using electrical signals.
  • Radio (Guillermo Marconi)

    Radio (Guillermo Marconi)
    Radio is a mass broadcast medium that reaches out to radio-listening in a personal way; it is the medium with the greatest reach, since it reaches all social classes.
    Radio is a means of communication that reaches all social classes.
  • Television (John Logie Baird)

    Television (John Logie Baird)
    It is an electronic device that allows the reception and reproduction of television signals. Generally, it consists of a screen and knobs or controls; It was created on January 26, 1926 by the Scottish engineer and physicist John Logie Baird
  • Computer (Konrad Zuse)

    Computer (Konrad Zuse)
    A computer is a device capable of processing information that is entered and then returning it to the user in such a way that it is useful.
  • Tablet (Alan Kay)

    Tablet (Alan Kay)
    A tablet,is a laptop (computer) larger than a smartphone but, generally, smaller than a netbook. It is characterized by having a touch screen: this means that to use the tablet you do not need a mouse or keyboard.
  • Mobile Phone (Martin Cooper)

    Mobile Phone (Martin Cooper)
    The mobile phone is an electronic wireless device that allows access to the cellular or mobile phone network.