Telecommunications inventions

Timeline created by Dominic Geiler
  • Telephone

    Device that receives and transmits long-distance communications and is connected to a telephone network
  • Telegraph

    Long distance transmission of written messages without the physical transport of letters, originally over cables
  • Radio

    Public telecommunication, represented by the emission, transport and reception of voices, music and sound effects by means of electromagnetic waves that, without cables and connections, travel from a centrally located source (station) to the listener (receiver)
  • Television

    Sistema de transmisión de imágenes y sonido a distancia a través de ondas hercianas
  • Computer

    Electronic machine that receives and processes data with the mission of transforming it into useful information.
  • Tablet

    Laptop bigger than a smartphone and smaller tha a computer, but his funcion is the same than the computer
  • Mobile phone

    Mobile phone
    A mobile phone is a telephone that you can carry with you and use to make or receive calls wherever you are