Telecommunication invention

  • Telegraph-Samuel Morse

    Telegraph-Samuel Morse
    The telegraph is a device or device that uses electrical signals to transmit encrypted text messages.
  • Telephone-Alexander Graham Bell

    Telephone-Alexander Graham Bell
    The telephone is a telecommunication device designed to transmit acoustic signals remotely by means of electrical signals.
  • Radio-Guillermo Marconi

    Radio-Guillermo Marconi
    It is a means of communication that is based on the sending of audio signals through radio waves.
  • Television-John Baird

    Television-John Baird
    Is a system for transmitting images and sound at a distance through Hertian waves
  • Computer-Konrad Zuse

    Computer-Konrad Zuse
    A computer, is an electronic machine that receives and processes data with the mission of transforming it into useful information
  • Tablet-Alan Kay

    Tablet-Alan Kay
    It's a type of laptop, larger than a smartphone or a PDA, integrated into a touch screen (single or multi-touch) with which you interact primarily with your fingers, without the need for a physical keyboard or mouse.
  • Mobile phone-Martin Cooper

    Mobile phone-Martin Cooper
    The mobile phone is an electronic wireless device that allows access to the cellular or mobile phone network.