Ted Bundy

Timeline created by andy1513
  • Birth

    He was born 24 November 1946 in Burlington, Vermont, EE.UU
  • Infancy

    In 1950 he moved to Washington, he never met his father.
  • Studies

    He was studied in University of Washington and the University Puget Sound, he got a degree in psychology and he worked in many places.
  • Suspicions

    He wanted to kidnap a girl, pretending to be a policeman In a Volkswagen, but he couldn't do it.
    Other problem, ocurried in this year was he attacked a girl to death, he had no charges
  • Murders

    It is estimated that Ted killed about 31 women in Utah, Colorado, Washington, Canadá, Seattle etc., in one year.
    He fled many times, the police did not have a portrait
  • ID

    The police found out who he was, they made his portrait and they knew how he hurt women. And a man later called the police, he said he saw Ted, but when the police arrived, he was not there
  • First Catch

    First Catch
    Before his arrest, he would move to other states to avoid arrest
    In this year the police captured him, in his car, they found a metal shovel, suspect tape
  • First Trial

    First Trial
    he was accused of kidnapping and after many murders. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was transferred to the Garfield County Jail, Colorado
  • First Leak

    First Leak
    He escaped by climbing the roof of the jail station, and then into a bookstore, but later he was arrested.
  • Execution

    Finally in January 24, 1989, he was electrocuted, and he died at 7:16 a.m., he was 46 years old.