Technology Use Progression

  • Photoshop is released

    Photoshop is released
    Invented by John and Thomas Knoll, it has allowed the public to edit their images for social media and has assisted artists and graphic designers in creating new works.
  • World Wide Web is released

    World Wide Web is released
    The internet is released on Christmas Day 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee (he called it the WorldWideWeb). This invention was obviously the beginning for all future internet usage.
  • Flash drive is invented

    Flash drive is invented
    The flash drive is invented in 1992 by SanDisk. The flash drive (sold as FlashDisk) could store data without a power source and would be inserted into the PCMCIA/PC Card slots found on laptops at the time.
  • Linux Kernel is released

    Linux Kernel is released
    Invented by Linus Torvalds, this kernel fulfilled the dream of all at the GNU project to have a totally free and open source operating system which allowed for countless future Linux distros and the future creation of other open source operating systems such as Android.
  • Windows 95 OS is released

    Windows 95 OS is released
    Windows 95 operating system is released in 1995. This operating system was installed on more computers than any operating system due not just a great ad campaign but by introducing easy to use new features such as the 'Start' button and the 'Taskbar'.