Technology Timeline

  • Super Nintendo

    Super Nintendo
    Created by Nintendo, one of the first digital gaming consoles which paved the way for the Ps5 and Xbox series x.
  • Gameboy color

    Gameboy color
    Invented by Nintendo as well, took the previous gameboy and added color to its display.
  • HP desktop computer

    HP desktop computer
    Created by Hewlett Packard, took the basic computers we already had and made them even better
  • LG Voyager

    LG Voyager
    A smart phone that at the time felt the most advanced ever. Had the capabilities to browse most internet pages and the capabilities of a cell phone with a physical qwerty keyboard.
  • iPhone 14pro

    iPhone 14pro
    One of the most advanced if not the most advanced smart phones of current time. Has the capability to make phone calls, record 4k video at 60fps, pretty much a computer in your pocket