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technology timeline

  • atari

    This was the first gaming console in service and required large video tapes.
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    technology timeline

  • third generation game consoles

    third generation game consoles
    These consoles still used tapes but had better graphics.
  • fourth generation game consoles

    fourth generation game consoles
    these consoles used more circlular storage devices for games
  • playstation

    This gamng console was one of the first to use a disk to store data.
  • xbox

    Xbox also revelutionized the gaming industry by making a new theme by using first person modes.
  • xbox 360

    xbox 360
    Xbox 360 was almost like an update to the origional Xbox with better graphics and more games.
  • wii

    Wii was one of the first gaming consoles to have a system which you must use your body to control the character.