Technology Timeline

  • First vector-based computer game invented

    OXO (or tic-tac-toe) introduced on various mainframes and minicomputers. This new medium enhances human-computer interaction and accelerated new innovations in early computers, including user input. This new invention combined computer programs that were found capable of creatign very basic graphics. It incorporated human dedecation and luck to realize that computer programs, such as a calculator, could be tweaked to produce some very basic graphics.
  • Magnavox Odyssey

    First home video game console put on sale.
    The new medium makes arcade games and vector based games obsolete because it can be hooked up to a TV. This discovery unveiled a potential for people to game in their living rooms. Gaming was a totally new form of entertainment, and was introduced at a good time because home entertainment technology was fast developing. (Walkman, VCR, Analog tapes, colour TVs, etc..) This new medium revive the idea of family gaming, earlier taken on by board games.
  • Gameboy Released

    GameBoy was released in Japan. Released in America later that year and the following year in Europe. This new medium flips the idea of a home vide game console to a completley portable, handheld, battery-powered console. The diffusion pf the video game movement leads to Japan becoming a major player in the video game market, rather than the USA. Even though the first home console was released in teh US, Japan quickly caught on, followed by Europe, the rest of Asia and Australia, Canada.