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Technology Project #3 Timeline 1700-1800 MRiess

By mrr#11
  • Yamasee War

    Yamasee War
    The Yamasee War began when the Yamasee people attacked Carolina. They almost destroyed the entire colony. The Yamasee's were upset because trade was cut off between them and the settlers.
  • George Whitefield Comes to America

    George Whitefield Comes to America
    George Whitefield was a famous revivalist preacher. He came and preached many times in America, speaking to crowds with hundreds or thousands. He was preacher in the time of the First Great Awakening. He first came to America in 1738.
  • Stono Rebellion

    Stono Rebellion
    The Stono Rebellion began when a group of enslaved people wanted liberty so they burned many plantations to rebel. They also killed at least twenty white colonists. Soon afterwards the local militia captured and executed many of the slaves.
  • Seven Years War

    Seven Years War
    The Seven Years War was caused by fueding between France and Britain over land in America. The fighting began when George Washington led an army into a fight that ended with the death of a French diplomat. The War did not begin in Europe until August 29, 1756 when Fredrick II led his army against the state of Saxony.
  • Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War
    The Revolutionary War began because the colonies did not like the British trying to have more control over them. The colonies wanted to have correct representation in Parliament and did not like the increase in taxes. They also did not like that the king had restricted access to lands westward. All of these things led the colonists to rebel and the war really began at Lexington Green were a shot was fired (it is unknown which side fired first) and a battle broke out.
  • American Independence

    American Independence
    Congress came together and approved the Declaration of Independence. This made known to the world that The United States of America was now a seperate country from Britain.
  • George Washington Presidency

    George Washington Presidency
    George Washington was the first President on the United States. He was unanimously voted in for his first term and he served as president for eight years.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    The French had seen the American Revolution succeed. It was caused by a couple things. The country was in an ecinomically in a bad place. The poor were very upset because they did not have powerful representation.