Technology Project #3 1700-1800

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  • The First Great Awakening

    The First Great Awakening, also known as the Enlightenment occurred in the 1740s. It was caused by people having a more logical or scientific view on the world instead of a religious view. Many individuals wanted to know a deeper understanding of the world, so many important scientific events and information occurred and was found during this time.
  • The French and Indian War

    Britain and France had a boundary conflict once the french built Fort Duquesne, which was close to the Ohio River and pushed into Virginia's territory. This cause the British to preform many attacks against it which eventually lead to Great Britain to declare war against France.
  • The Industrial Revolution

    It was the starts of a time were many advancements happened in manufacturing goods and products.
  • The French and Indian War Ends

    After 7 long years, Britain won the war. The officially end the war, the Treaty of Paris was signed giving Britain Canada from France and Florida from Spain. This gave the colonies the ability to expand westward.
  • The Sugar Act

    This act was past by the British Prime Minister to reduce to smuggling of certain trading good by enforcing strict laws and higher taxes. To make sure the act was strongly enforced, The Prime Ministers allowed judges to keep 5% of any cargo that belonged to and victor they found guilty, so many took that as an advantage. This caused many people receive an unfair trial. This irritated many colonists.
  • The Stamp Act

    This act was passed by Great British on all colonists which put a tax on every piece of paper the colonist owned. The main reason this angered the colonist was because Britain passed this law without including the colonies on the decision of approving this act. This eventually became one of the main reasons the colonies went to war with Great Britain and its famous quote was"taxation without representation."
  • The American Revolution

    The American Revolution began!
  • The Townshend Act

    This act put taxes on good imported to America. Many colonist also believed this was an abuse of power because Britain didn't include the colonies when deciding this act just like with the Stamp Act. To enforce this act will little rebellion, Britain sent troops to the colonies to keep them in check. This was just added more to the fire growing in the colonies
  • The Boston Massacre

    During this time, tensions were high between the colonist and British soldiers. One day, a group of colonist started to verbally attack a British soldier and the soldier ended up hurting one of the colonist. This angered the colonist, so the soldier called for backup. When the back up arrived, they asked the colonist to calm down, but they didn't. this resulted in open gun fire which killed five colonists and injured.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence was written and signed as a representation of our freedom,
  • The End of the American Revolution

    The war was finally over and the colonies had won their independence!!!