Technology from 1999-2011

  • Period: to


  • The First XBOX

    The First XBOX
    Xbox, Playing video games on disk. Talking to people on xbox live. Created by Microsoft.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    Play games, Created by Nintendo
  • The First Apple Macbook

    The First Apple Macbook
    Created by Apple Inc. Allows you to surf the web, access itunes and imovie and iphoto’s and lots of different apps.
  • The First PS3

    The First PS3
    Playing video games on a disk. Talking to people on playstation network.
  • The First Iphone

    The First Iphone
    Accessing the internet, downloading apps, playing games and lots of different things.
  • First Apple Magic Mouse

    First Apple Magic Mouse
    Connected via Bluetooth, a mouse to access your computer. Touch mouse.
  • First Nikon DSLR D1

    First Nikon DSLR D1
    DSLR stands for Digital single-lens camera. What it dose is take pictures and stores it, you can upload these to a PC, or laptop.