technology advancment

  • Invention of xbox 360

    Invention of xbox 360
    was invented by Microsoft is a gaming console released in 2005
  • invented of wii

    invented of wii
    the Wii was invented by Nintendo and was a gaming console with a different style than the basic controller of ps3 and xbox 360
  • I phone invention

    I phone invention
    the iPhone was the first touch screen mobile phone that was released in 2007 was one of the most advanced pieces of technology at the time invented by Steve Jobs and apple
  • Ibm Watson release

    Ibm Watson release
    ibm Watson is a computer running software for question-answering questions. the research project was led by David ferrucci and was named after founder and first coo Thomas J.
  • xbox one release date

    xbox one release date
    the xbox one was the next gen console from the xbox 360 and the technology inside the console was way better allowed for way better graphics and better experience and was again created by Microsoft.