• First solar battery

    In 1954 Bell Telephone Company used the first ever solar battery
  • Solar powered wristwatch

    In 1956 the solared powered wristwatch was invented
  • First computer video game

    The first computer video game Spacewar was invented
  • Touch-tone was invented

    Touch-Tone telephones introduced.
  • Microwave oven

    Microwave ovens became commercially available
  • The Sony Walkman

    The Sony walkman was built in 1978 by audio-division engineer Nobutoshi Kihara.
  • Nintendo

    Nintendo became widely known
  • video games

    video game system by the name of Atari with classic games like pong and frogger
  • Windows 95 and 98

    Microsoft introduces Windows 95 and later Windows 98 to the market, which gain immediate popularity.
  • E-Mail

    E-mail becomes popular; as a result Microsoft acquires the popular webmail service
  • Youtube

    Flash technology reached the point of being able to make video players. As a result, YouTube, a website which allows uploading and viewing videos, was created. YouTube's popularity grew explosively and it was acquired by Google.
  • WIFI

    Wireless networks became ever more commonplace in homes, education institutes and urban public spaces.