Technological Timeline

  • Walkman TPS-L2

    Walkman TPS-L2
    Worlds first low-cost personal stereo. Created by Sony cofounder Masaru Ibuku and executive deputy president Norio Ohga.
  • LCD-based Microvision

    LCD-based Microvision
    First ever hand-held gaming console with interchangeable cartridges. Designed by Jay Smith, the engineer who would later design the Vectrex gaming console
  • DynaTac 8000x

    DynaTac 8000x
    First ever portable cellular communication device that could make long distance calls and did not need a cord to function. Created by Martin Cooper.
  • Game Boy

    Game Boy
    Nintendo introduces their first of many handheld gaming systems. Design team headed by Gunpei Yokoi.
  • IBM Simon Personal Communicator

    IBM Simon Personal Communicator
    Thought of as the world's first smartphone made by IBM. It paved the way for smartphones as we know them now.