Taylor Bell Famous Dead Guys

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    Believed everything was made of water
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    He thought up the atom and thought that all matter was made up of atoms
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    He didn't believe in atomic theory everything is made up of fire, water, earth, and air
  • Sir Issac Newton

    He thought that matter is formed of solid, massey impenetrable particles
  • John Dalton

    The atomic theory and was the 1st person to have experimental evidence
  • Henri Becquerel

    discovered radioactivity
  • Joseph John Thomson

    discovered the electron
  • Ruthuford

    Aimed a beam of alpha particles at a gold foil a few particles hit something in the middle and bounced back instead of going straight through which proves there is a nucleus
  • Millikan

    found the charge of an electron
  • Niels Bohr

    thought electrons orbited around the nucleus contributed the Bohr Model
  • Schrodinger

    Proved Bohr model wrong, Predicted the odds of electron location, and quatum mechanical model
  • james chadwich

    proves the exsistance of the neutron