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Tattoos in American History

  • Pacific Islands influence Europe

    In the 18 century the people of the Pacific Islands greatly influenced the people of Europe. Many sailors adapted tattoos onto themselves as did royalty. Unique images were created instead of a copy of tribal markings.
  • Period: to

    Severed Tattoed Heads Market

    After the Pacific Islands began to be interacted with, a demand for the tattooed heads of their warriors shot up because of their beauty.
  • Severed Tattooed Heads Market Illegal

    The market was deemed illeagal because of legistation in Great Britain.
  • Tattooing Machine created

    Samuel O'Reilly creates the tattooing machine after many trials and errors. The art of tattooing takes off.
  • Period: to

    Tattooing takes off

    After skyrocketing, tattooing becomes a large source of entertainment. Many full body tattooed women and men are employed by circus' and showcased to the public.