• Sarmiento Presidency

  • Law 463

    It gave the possibility to the government to spend money in schools from the provincies which had a bad economy.
  • Law 1420

    It made the primary education obligatory and free. Only in Capital, Chacho and the Patagonia.
  • Láinez law

    It gave the possibility to the government to create schools in poor provincies. The right to have an education became universal in Argentina.
  • Dictatorship

    The poor provincies became dependant of the state at the time of education their habitants. This also happened in 1978.
  • Neoliberal education

    Menem had a neoliberal idea of politics, this was the same in education
  • Law 24049

    The schools that were taken during the dictatorship, were back in the hands of the provincies they belong.
  • Law 24195

    The minimun time of school changed to 10 years. Education transformed from being a right to the people into a economical interest.
  • Kirchner presidency

    Nestor Kirchner wanted to give back the education the importance it had before.
  • Law 26206

    This law took out the validity of the law of 1993.