Camera 1

Task 1 - My Photography timeline

  • The first photo of a person

    The first photo of a person
    photo of people"Boulevard du Temple", taken by Louis Daguerre in late 1838 or early 1839, was the first-ever photograph of a person. It is an image of a busy street, but because exposure time was over ten minutes, the city traffic was moving too much to appear. The exception is a man in the bottom left corner, who stood still getting his boots polished long enough to show up in the picture.
  • The first ariel photo

    The first ariel photo
    The first ariel photoRemote sensing deals with the art and science of observing and measuring items on the Earth’s surface from a distance. By this definition remote sensing encompasses the field of aerial photography. The term, “remote sensing,” was first introduced in 1960 by Evelyn L. Pruitt of the U.S. Office of Naval Research. However, the first aerial photograph was taken in 1858, 102 years before the term “remote sensing” came into existence. Long before satellites and microcomputers started dominating the fi
  • The first photograph

    The first photograph
    first photoThis most famous reproduction of the First Photograph was based upon the March 1952 print, produced at Helmut Gernsheim's request by the Research Laboratory of the Eastman Kodak Company in Harrow. The pointillistic effect is due to the reproduction process and is not present in the original heliograph. Gernsheim himself spent eleven hours on March 20, 1952, touching up with watercolors one of the prints of the Kodak reproduction. His attempt was meant to bring the heliograph as close as possible