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Synthetic Biology

  • An Evolutionary Approach toSynthetic Biology

    An Evolutionary Approach toSynthetic Biology
    MIT Press releases the report "An Evolutionary Approach to
    Synthetic Biology: Zen and the Art of Creating Life" providing the future outlook of synthetic biology and the first recommendation of suicide gene technology as a biosecurity mechanism http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1162/artl.1993.1.1_2.179
  • First Genome Sequened

    First Genome Sequened
    Venter published the first genome of a living organism
  • Novartis

    Merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz to form Novartis
  • Human Genome

    Human Genome
    Human Genome Sequenced
  • Genomes for Life

    Genomes for Life
    U.S. Dept of Energy (DOE) invests $12 million in Venter's research
  • Founding of SGI

    Founding of SGI
  • Synbiosafe created

    Synbiosafe created
    European research project to examine the ethical aspects of synthetic biology
  • Extreme Genetic Engineering

    Extreme Genetic Engineering
    ETC's document “Extreme Genetic Engineering”
  • Exxon and SGI sign multi-year agreement

    Exxon and SGI sign multi-year agreement
    ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Inc. Sign Multi-year Agreement to Develop Biofuels
  • Synthetic Cell

    Synthetic Cell
    Announced the creation of a synthetic cell
  • Exxon Mobile announces $600 Million for SGI research

    Exxon Mobile announces $600 Million for SGI research
    Exxon Mobil and SGI announce the opening of a greenhouse facility and the plan for Exxon to invest over $600 million in SGI
  • Commission on Bioethics

    Commission on Bioethics
    Presidential Commission on Bioethics meets and makes recomendations
  • Presidential Commission

    Presidential Commission
    58 environmental interest groups write a complaint letter to Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues
  • Venter's Press Release

    Venter's Press Release
    Venter releases reaction to Presidential Commission's report, stating that the report is "wise, warranted and restrained which will help to ensure that this young field of research will flourish in a positive manner"
  • Creation SGVI

    Creation SGVI
  • Vaccine Output Agreement

    Vaccine Output Agreement
    Collaboration of JCVI, SGI, SGVI, and Novartis
  • Proposal to SBSTTA

    Proposal to SBSTTA
    International Civil Society Working Group on Synthetic Biology submits proposal to SBSTTA