Suffrage In the US

By treytts
  • Women's Suffrage

    Women's Suffrage
    The earliest gains for womens right to vote were in the western part of the country, Wyoming granted the right to vote in 1869. By the 1900s Colorado, Utah, & Idaho followed Wyoming's choice. Finally by 1920 the 19th Amendment was ratified that gave women the right to vote.
  • Native-Americans Suffrage

    Native-Americans Suffrage
    The first few attempts to gains voting rights for Native Americans started late in the 1880's, in 1887 Congress passed the Dawns Act statying that Native's could have a tract of lad & Citizenship to those willing to give up their allegience with their tribe. Afterwards in 1924 The Indian Citizenship Act was passed to fully recognize Indians as Citizens in the US, which gave them the right to vote in Federal elections.
  • Grandfather Clause

    Grandfather Clause
    The Grandfather Clause stated that a person had the right to vote only if his grandfather had the right to vote, with this passed it limited many African Americans to qualify because their ancestors were slaves.
  • Poll Taxes

    A Poll Tax is a fee someone must pay to vote, most former slaves were poor and could not pay taxes to vote. The 24th amendmenr was added to the constitution in 1964 that claims the right to vote shall not be denied because a person fails to pay a Poll Tax, or any other tax.
  • Literacy Tests

    Literacy Tests were also used to keep people of different races from voting. They were administrated at the discretion of the officials in charge of voter registration.
  • The Voting Rights Act

    The Voting Rights Act
    In 1965 this law protected the right to vote for all citizens, The law forced to obey the constitution, It made it clear the right to vote couldn't be denied because of someone's skin color.