By fazman
  • The Turtle Submarine

    The Turtle Submarine
    In 1775 the first milatery submarine was made. It was named the turte. The turtle was made by a man whos name was David Bushnell. He was an American.
  • French submarine

    French submarine
    During 1800 France made a new Submarine. It was a 1 person man powerd submarine. It was designed by another American Man. His name was Robert Fulton.
  • The U-9

    The U-9
    A German submarine called th U-9. It was capable of destroying 3 cruisers within minutes. A ordaniry submarine could destroy 3 cruisers within hours.
  • The German Fleet

    The German Fleet
    The German forces had the largest submarine fleet. They used the fleet against supplie ships and some battle ships. By the end of the WWII around 3,000 enemy ships were sunk.175 naval ships where sunk and 2,825 merchant and supplie boats were sunk.
  • American submarines

    American submarines
    During 1943 the U.S.A says that submarines are more of a boat than a submarine. During WWII Submarines were the best anti ship force in the world.
  • Submarine anversary

    Submarine anversary
    The year 2000 was the 100th anversary of the submarine. Around 47 countries control more than 700 submarines. About 300 of them are nuclear powered.
  • Russian submarine accidents

    Russian submarine accidents
    Recently the Ruusians had 3 major submarine accidents. 9 lives were lost. The rescue teams were unable to save any one.
  • North Korean Attack

    North Korean Attack
    In 2010 a north korean submarines destroyed 4 south korean fishing boats in 2 minutes. It also destroyed a south Korean patorl boat on 26th March 2010.