Stradbroke Island History

By Tkuiper
  • James Cook sights Minjerribah

    Captain James Cook sights Minjerribah while sailing around Australia
  • Period: to

    Stradbroke island history

  • Matthew flinders lands on Minjerribah.

    Matthew Flinders set foot on north stradbroke in search of fresh water.
  • Pamphlett, Finnegan and Parsons shipwrecked

    Three timbergetters, Pamphlett, Finnegan and Parsons were stranded on Stradbroke and were taken in by the local Aboriginals.
  • Minjerribah renamed Stradbroke.

    Minjerribah was renamed Stradbroke Island by Governor Darling in reverence of Captain J.H. Rous, son of the Earl of Stradbroke.
  • Sinking of the Sovereign.

    When the British ship 'Sovereign' sank, local aborigines came to their aid.
  • Fishing becomes a major industry.

    Fishing omn stradbroke became a major industry, with catches of fish and dugong.
  • North and South Stradbroke separated.

    With the aid of explosive and severe storm, Stradbroke went from being one island to two.
  • Marie Christesen charged with manslaughter.

    Marie Christesen was charged with murder, later reduced to masnlaugther for beating her 5 year old daughter Cassy to death for swimming with boys.
  • Oyster fishing established.

    Oyster fishing was the major seafood in queensland until a plague of mud worm almost ruined the entire crop.
  • Prosperity sinks

    Tje British ship prosperity sank, causing many deaths.
  • Tourism brought to Stradbroke

    Bert Clayton brings trourism to the island, letting guests stay in tents, and eventually one room cottages.
  • Centaur torpedoed off Stradbroke.

    The Australian Hospital ship was torpedoed, leaving only 64 of 332 people alive.
  • Sand mining established.

    Zinc Corp set up sand mining on the island, giving many of the people on the island jobs.