Steve Jobs

By 180218
  • Steve Jobs is Born

  • He gets a job at age 13 for Bill Hewlet

    It was a summer job.
  • Steve and Steve meet

    Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak, 5 years older, through a mutual friend. Woz and Steve share a love of electronics, They become friends and work together
  • Steve and Woz build and illegally sell 'blue boxes' that allow to make phone calls for free

    No specific date
  • Woz and Steve show the early Apple I board at the Homebrew Computer Club

  • Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne

  • Former Intel executive turned business angel Mike Markkula invests in Apple and hires former colleague Mike Scott as CEO. Woz is forced to leave HP to join Apple full time.

  • Steve's ex-girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan gives birth to their daugher Lisa. Steve refuses to acknowledge he is the father

  • Apple launches the Apple III, which will be a disastrous flop

  • Alan Kay first introduces the Pixar team to Steve Jobs

  • Pixar launches its new computer graphics workstation, the Pixar Image Computer II, and starts working on the RenderMan computer animation software

  • Pixar signs a deal with Disney to make a computer-animated feature film

  • Steve's father, Paul Jobs, dies

    No specific date
  • Steve Jobs introduces the new Power Mac G3 and the color iMacs at Macworld San Francisco

  • Steve Jobs introduces the first Windows-compatible iPods at Macworld NY

  • Steve Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but stubbornly refuses any modern medical treatment for months. He tries alternative diets instead

  • Steve unveils the iPod mini and the iLife suite at Macworld. The iPod mini will soon become the world's best-selling MP3 player and truly establish Apple as a consumer electronics powerhouse

  • Steve Jobs finally has his pancreatic tumor removed by surgery

  • Steve introduces the Motorola ROCKR, an iTunes-compatible cell phone, and the iPod nano

  • Steve Jobs unveils the first two Intel Macs at Macworld, the iMac and the new MacBook Pro

  • iPhone is released in the US, the same day as Pixar’s 8th feature film, Ratatouille

  • Steve Jobs announces he will not speak at Macworld 2009 because of his health, and takes a six-month medical leave of absence

  • After months of wild rumors, Steve Jobs unveils iPad, 'the biggest thing Apple's ever done'. The tablet runs the same operating system as iPhone

  • Steve Jobs appears at the Cupertino City Council to unveil Apple's plans for its new 'Spaceship' campus. This is his last public appearance

  • Steve Jobs dies at home, surrounded by his family

  • After two years of work, and forty interviews with Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson publishes his authorized biography of the Apple and Pixar co-founder, simply named Steve Jobs