Steve Jobs - 2011

  • Born in San Francisco, California

    His biological parents gave him up for adoption and he was adopted by Ciara and Paul Jobs.
  • Period: to

    Steve Jobs- 2011

  • Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak

    Together they buld and sell illega Blue Boxes to Berlkley students
  • Apple Computer Inc. is incorperated and they show off the Apple I at the Personal Computer festival

    They show the early Apple I board at the Homebrew computer club.
  • Apple II becomes the first mass-market personal computer

    Apple III starts developing and the Book of Macintosh is produced.
  • IBM launches the IBM PC which poses a threat to Apple

    Jef Raskin is moved away from his Macintosh system and Steve jobs takes over.
  • Steve Jobs resigns from Apple

    Apple annpunces it will sue Steve Jobs future company neXT.
  • Pixar Launches the Pixar Image computer II

    neXT and IBM work together to have neXT's system run on IBM machines
  • Steve becomes President and CEO of Pixar animation Studios.

    After Toy Story comes out and Steve Jobs is worth 1.5 billion.
  • iMac

    Steve Jobs introduces the revolutionary iMac
  • iPod

    Steve Jobs reveals the first iPod
  • iTunes

    Steve unveils the iTunes for Windows
  • Diagnosed with Cancer

    Steve Jobs is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

    He introduces the ipod nano and the motorola ROCKR that is the first cell phone that is compatible with iTunes
  • iMac and Mac Book Pro

    Steve introduces the first two intel imac and Mac Book Pro
  • Ratatouille

    Apple realeses the iPhone and the Pixar film Ratatouille are released.
  • iPad :D!!!!

    Apple releases the much anticipated iPad. The Apple tablet.