Steve Jobs-2011

  • Birth

    Steve is born and placed up for adoption by his unwed parents. He is then adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs.
  • College

    Jobs goes to Reed College in Portland, Ore. ... then drops out and becomes a video game desginer for Atari.
  • Homebrew Computer Club

    Between 1975 and 1976 Jobs joins this club headed by Steve Wozinak. Wozinak builds a logic board for HP but it is rejected, so working out of Jobs' garage they build the logic board and call it the Apple I.
  • Apple Incorporated

    Apple is incorportaed and Jobs along with Wozinak created the Apple II which soon after goes for sale
  • Apple goes Public

    Apple goes public and Jobs convinces PepsiCo. Inc. President to come be the CEO of Apple two years later.
  • First Desktpp Computer

    Macintosh released, the first all-in-one graphical interface desktop computer.
  • Jobs becomes head

    The sales of the macintosh are disapointing and Jobs becomes the head of Apple. Jobs creates a new operating system, the nextstep.
  • Pixar!

    Jobs acquires Pixar and becomes a billionarie when the company goes public.
  • iMac

    iMac is created and is the fastest selling computer in history.
  • leave

    in 2004 Jobs leaves to get treatment for cancer.
  • Longer leave

    Jobs takes a leave through june to get a liver transplant.
  • yet another leave

    Jobs leave again for more treatment but remains CEO with COO tim cooks running daily operations.
  • resgination

    Jobs resgines from Apple, effective immediately, with Tim Cooks become CEO.