Steve Jobs - 2011

By kylemr3
  • Creation of Apple Inc.

    Creation of Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc. is created by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne
  • Time Magazine

    Time Magazine
    Jobs is on the cover of Time Magazine
  • Pixar Animations

    Pixar Animations
    Jobs becomes the President and CEO of Pixar Animations
  • CEO of Apple

    CEO of Apple
    The old CEO is dismissed and Jobs in named the interim CEO of Apple Inc.
  • Officially the CEO!!!

    Officially the CEO!!!
    Steve Jobs is officially name the CEO of Apple Inc
  • Apple Stores

    Apple Stores
    Apple opens its first retail stores in Virginia and California
  • iPod

    Jobs releases the first iPod
  • Intel Processors

    Intel Processors
    Jobs announces that future Macs will use the Intell Processors
  • Product line to Intel

    Product line to Intel
    Apple completes the transition of its entire product line to the Intel platform with Mac Pro
  • California Hall of Fame

    California Hall of Fame
    Steve Jobs is inducted in the California Hall of Fame by Gov. Schwartzenegger(who is a boss)
  • Tablet

    Steve Jobs unveils iPad, the Apple tablet