Steve Avery

  • Period: to

    Unsuccessful Motion

    Zellner wanted to have the bones found in three different piles on the Manitowoc County quarry tested, with new technology that could determine weather they are Theresa Halbach. Soon after the motion was filed, Zellner was informed that the state had given the bones back to the Halbach family.
  • Case going back to the trial court

    Case going back to the trial court
    Wisconsin Court of Appeals granted Avery's petition to have his case remanded back to the trial court while waiting on the evidentiary hearing for a motion for a new hearing
  • Appellate Brief

    Appellate Brief
    Zellner filed the 150 page appellate brief
  • Reply Brief

    Reply Brief
    Zellner filed the 49 page reply brief
  • Motion to Stay and Remand

    Zellner filed a motion to stay, or to pause the proceedings, and a motion to remand, to move the case to a different jurisdiction
  • Avery's Response to the States Response

    Avery's team responds to the response of the States response of their motion to stay and remand
  • Mother's Death

    Steven Avery's mother Delores Avery passed away at the age of 81.
  • Court of Appeals

    The court of appeals for the state of Wisconsin affirmed the circuit courts decision of denying the big motion filed by Zellner, with the reasoning being a bunch of misrepresentations in the breif.
  • Movemnet

    Steven Avery was transferred to Fox Lake Correctional Facility, which is a medium security facility
  • A third Motion

    Zellner filed a third motion,149 pages for post-conviction relief. The motion also state it has a "new witness" that could help the defense. Also suggest the the state withheld exculpatory evidence from Avery during the original trial.