Speedway Years

  • Australians Billy Galloway and Keith McKay arrive in the UK

    Australians Billy Galloway and Keith McKay arrive in the UK
    Australian Speedway riders Billy Galloway and Keith McKay arrive in the UK.
  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    The first recognised Speedway meeting in the UK takes place at High Beech R.J. Hill-Bailey of the Ilford Motor Cycle Club which attracted an estimated 30,000 spectators
  • Celtic Park

    First meeting at Celtic Park Glasgow
  • Audenshaw, Manchester

    Audenshaw, Manchester
    First meeting at Audenshaw, Manchester. The venue was one of the first permanent athletic tracks in Manchester and went back to 1840. Audenshaw led the way for speedway in Manchester and laid the foundations of the sport.
  • Greenford

    First meeting at Greenford
  • Glasgow Nelson

    First meeting in Scotland held at Glasgow Nelson
  • Shelf Moor, Bradford

    First meeting at Shelf Moor, Bradford
  • Highfield Road Blackpool

    Highfield Road Blackpool
    First meeting in Blackpool held at Highfield Road Sports Ground
  • Dirt Track Racing Riders' Association

    The Dirt Track Racing Riders' Association formed at King's Oak Hotel, High Beech
  • Marine Gardens, Edinburgh

    Marine Gardens, Edinburgh
    First Meeting at Edinburgh held at Marine Gardens, Portobello
  • Thrum Hall, Halifax

    First meeting at Thrum Hall, Halifax
  • Stamford Bridge

    Stamford Bridge
    First meeting at Stamford Bridge, London
  • Cardiff, Wales

    Cardiff, Wales
    First meeting in Wales at White City Cardiff
  • Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace
    First meeting held at Crystal Palce, England Vs Australia the first International contest a series of match races England took the honours.
  • White City, London

    First meetings were held at White City
  • Fronby Avenue Bradford

    First meetings held at Fronby Avenue Bradford
  • Carntyne, Glasgow

    First meeting at Carntyne, Glasgow
  • Wimbeldon

    Wimbeldon hosts its first meeting
  • Barnsley Lundwood

    Barnsley Lundwood
    Barnsley Lundwood first meeting
  • Harringay

    Harringay hosts its first meeting
  • Rider Killed

    Charlie Biddle while riding at stamford Bridge becomes the first rider killed in a race
  • Wolverhampton

    Monmore Green, Wolverhampton first meeting
  • Greenford

    Greenford first meeting
  • Park Hall, Mansfield

    Park Hall, Mansfield first meeting
  • White City, Manchester

    First meeting at White City, Manchester
  • Brighton

    Brighton hosts its first meeting
  • Perry Bar, Birmingham

    First meeting at Perry Bar, Birmingham
  • England vs Scotland

    England vs Scotland
    First England vs Scotland match takes place 2 match races Drew McQueen beat Buster Frogley and Arthur Willimott beat Eric Burnett gives the honours shared at 1-1
  • Lea Bridge

    First meeting at Lea Bridge
  • Chalton, Horndean

    First meeting at Chalton, Horndean
  • Foleshill, Coventry

    First meeting at Lythalls Lane, Foleshill, Coventry
  • First International in Scotland

    First International in Scotland at Marine Gardens the honours are tied at 1-1
  • Belle Vue, Manchester

    Belle Vue, Manchester
    First meeting at Belle Vue, Manchester
  • West Ham

    First meeting at West Ham
  • Huddersfield

    First meeting at Quarmby, Huddersfield
  • Swindon

    First meeting at Autodrome, Gorse Hill, Swindon
  • Birmingham

    Motordrome Greet, Birmingham
  • England vs Scotland

    England vs Scotland at White City Mancheter England winning all 3 match races
  • Barnet

    First meeting held at Barnet
  • Bolton

    First meeting at Bolton
  • Cleveland Park, Middlesbrough

    operning meeting at Cleveland Park, Middlesbrough
  • Knowle Stadium, Bristol

    First meeting held at Knowle Stadium, Bristol
  • Scottish Championships

    Scottish Championships
    The first Scottish Championships are held Drew McQueen wins the 250cc class and the 500cc is won byJimmy Valente
  • Stanley Stadium, Liverpool

    First meeting held at Stanley Stadium, Liverpool
  • Portsmouth

    First meeting held at Portsmouth
  • Salford

    First meeting at Salford
  • Leicester

    First meeting at Blackbird Road, Leicester
  • Blackpool

    First meeting at South Shore Greyhound Stadium, Blackpool
  • Dublin. Ireland

    First meeting in Ireland at Harold's Cross, Dublin
  • Belfast

    first meeting in Belfast at the home of Linfield FC, Windsor Park,
  • Southampton

    first meeting at Banister Court, Southampton
  • Fullerton Park, Leeds

    first meeting at Fullerton Park, Leeds
  • Clifford Mawson RIP

    Clifford Mawson is involved in a bad crash at Rochdale he dies the next day.
  • NDTOA formed

    Northern Dirt-Track Owners' Association formed
  • Heliopolis , Cairo

    20 riders depart for Egypt where they will race at the Heliopolis Racecourse in Cairo
  • First Meeting of 1929

    First meeting of the year is held at Marine Gardens, Portobello, Edinburgh a series of match races.
  • Cardiff, Wales

    First meeting of the season at Cardiff a series of Scratch Races
  • Exeter

    First meeting held at Exeter, Ron Johnson wins the Golden Helmet event.